Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Whole30: Day(s) 13&14: SPEED BUMP

Y'all, my bad. I really don't have an excuse for missing Monday... I just... forgot. So, now it's a twofer! So to begin with Monday...

I had a pretty good day, although activity levels are becoming an issue. I was doing really well at hitting my 10k steps, but not so much the last few days! Let's see... work, quick stop by the high school I work with, home. Quick walk due to Penelope HATING the rain and a torrential downpour at Walk o'clock, dinner, an immense amount of computer laziness, taxes, emails, cleaning, etc, etc, bed. Oh! I did finish my body weight challenges yesterday, which means I get to start with my kettlebell next! I'm looking for good circuits- I'll keep you posted. The challenges I just finished, though, were for squats, pushups, double leg lifts, tricep dips and box pose (or supported handstand). I'm so pleased! I finished out yesterday at 250 squats, 40 pushups, 100 leg lifts, 15 tricep dips and a good long time (a minute? maybe?) in box pose. Felt pretty great- very much looking forward to kettlebell training now!

Overall, I just feel tired. I'm pretty sure I'm just not getting enough hours of sleep- although what I'm getting is very high quality. I'm sleeping like a rock these days. However, no mood swings, no crashing, just... tired. I have to admit I'm looking forward to being able to add spark back in in a few weeks!

Monday food log:

Meal 1: half a smoothie with spinach, an apple, some strawberries and a banana. One egg cup muffin quiche

Snack: kale chips! Pretty tasty, really. I wish there was a way to lay them together when baking to thicken them up, but I do like them!

Meal 2: leftover steak and sauteed sunchokes, some strawberries. I'm very much afraid the I'm having trouble digesting strawberries. I hate to admit it, but they seem to run through me much quicker than I would like. I refuse to cut strawberries. I absolutely refuse.

Meal 3: ground pork, onion, sunchoke & egg scramble. This was very easy and pretty quick, but if I do it again, I think more spices are in order! A little bland.

Today is really similar to yesterday, of course. Here are some things I'm noticing:
-I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to measure my waist and hips. I know I'm shrinking. Sometimes it feels like there's a noticeable difference in the morning from the night before! AND I WANT TO QUANTIFY THAT. Ah, well
-I'm bored. I just... I dunno. Consistency, I know. It's important, I know. But occasionally I'd love some comfort foods.
-and I'm super tired.

Tuesday food log:
Meal 1: half a smoothie with spinach, an apple, some strawberries and a banana. One egg cup muffin quiche

Meal 2: leftover egg scramble from last night. At lunch, I desperately wanted an Arby's roast beef sandwhich, which I obviously didn't eat. And I forgot to take a piece of fruit, so my mouth tasted pretty funny this afternoon.

Meal 3: Big salad with apple, carrots, onion, olives and a squirt of lemon juice. Very tasty!

Sorry again about Monday, everyone!

And now I'm about half asleep, so-
Until next time ~

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  1. Can you go to bed earlier! Congrats on body weight challenge! Glad you like the kale chips...