Monday, April 20, 2015

Whole30 Day 20: merge

Holy moly, it's only monday!! But hey, you guys!! You GUYS! We're TWO THIRDS of the way done! How did THAT happen??

This is the busiest week yet, and frankly, I'm not sure how we're going to get through it. It's tech at the high school, albeit a very minor one, and we're in three a week rehearsals for my show. Tomorrow I have final fittings at the high school, and then I have to do the research to make the design presentation for the Summer show. Oh, and somehow in there I'm supposed to remember to plan all my meals way in advance!

Luckily, it's week three, and I'm a pretty good meal planner!

OH! OhohohohohohOH! I tried a new breakfast recipe this morning! Well, actually I made it last night and ate it this morning. I'm not kidding- I never want to eat anything else for breakfast ever again!!! I got the recipe here, but I modified it quite a bit. Seriously, you simply must try it, regardless of whether you're grain free or not. It. Is. DIVINE. So good, in fact, that I'm willing to carve out some time tomorrow night to make another batch.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm not feeling so hot today, but I'm fairly sure it's hormonal and not nutrition related. I was hoping that the Whole30 would help with some of my PMS symptoms, but really, it's pretty much the same. Ah, well, I guess you can't have everything. I do have plenty of energy still, which is a bonus! Oh, and the weird patchy dry spots on my skin are almost all cleared up. My next skin goal is the little bumps on my arms and legs- and they do seem to be going!

okokok, food log:
 Meal 1: Cinnamon apple porridge and a hardboiled egg (have you checked out that recipe yet? seriously, what are you waiting for?!) This also kept me really plenty full until 12:15 lunch- far longer than my smoothie and egg cup combo

Meal 2: cup of cabbage soup and a salad, with some purple grapes

Meal 3: leftover rainbow trout and sunchokes with some green grapes.

And that's about all for tonight, folks!

Until next time~

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