Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Whole30 Day 8: One Lap down, three to go

I know, I'm sort of mixing some title metaphors. Give me a break, eh?

So... I filled in calendars tonight. My next day off? Memorial Day. Yes, that does include weekends. Woof.

So, that's not totally encouraging...

But! On the plus side, I have a ton of energy right now, I feel good, and I can totally tell my body is changing shape. I'm trying not to put my eggs all in a basket, but seriously, if this keeps up I'll have no desire to go back to any other way of living. Yes, seriously. It isn't that hard and the payoff is incredible so far.

I am noticing my skin is acting a little funny. My face is clear as a bell, but my elbows and the back of my ankles are looking a little... well... patchy. My back (which had a lot of weird patchy, lumpy dry spots on it) seems to be clearing up too. So I'm assuming I'm still oozing some wacky stuff out through my skin and it'll clear itself up.

Digestive issues are still pretty much nil. A tiny bit grumbly, but nothing too bad.

AND I'm just saying... I can totally tell my belly is shrinking. I can see some muscle definition in my thighs again. Just a tiny bit, but its there. Today, I looked at my face and its definitely less round. I know there are a TON of health benefits to this, but its also pretty awesome to see the internal stuff reflected where it's so easy to see.

Anyway, today's food:

Meal 1: one egg cup, half a smoothie (same as yesterday, yah)

Snack: coleslaw (which I'm getting tired of... but you know, I'll just keep eating it till it's gone)

Meal 2: cabbage soup, the last of the potato sunchoke mash

Meal 3: BBQ rubbed porkchop, roasted beets, small salad, banana in almond milk (The pork chop was a recipe out of my frugal cookbook. It was AWESOME. Definitely keeping that recipe. It was super simple- I prepped the spices ahead of time so all I had to do was put them on the meat and pop them in the oven. I got golden beets last week in my box, so I peeled them, chopped them into pieces, toseed some olive oil, salt and a light dusting of red pepper flakes, baked them for a half hour.

AND I MADE ALMOND MILK!! My reward to myself after week one was a nut milk bag. Being allergic to coconut, I can't do coconut milk and store almond milk has soy in it as a preservative, I think. It was super easy to make, but it was super thick. I'll definitely put more water in next time. It was tasty to soak a banana in though!

Bonus: 3 meals worth of porkchop & beet leftovers! Guess what'll be listed as meal 2 tomorrow :). I put the rest of the cabbage soup (4 or so servings) in the freezer for when the upcoming calendar bowls me over. So with 3 meals of porkchops and my fridge exploding with produce, I oughta be able to get through the next several days, no sweat. Might be time for a "no grocery" week. I do that occasionally, and you'd be surprised how well you can go without buying a thing. Anyhow, that's enough for tonight!

Until next time~

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