Sunday, April 5, 2015

Whole30 Day 5: Swerve!

Hi, y'all! And Happy Easter! I hope you all had wonderful days, whatever that means to you. I sure did! Slept in a little, walked along the river, lots of cooking, lunch with family, then a nice long, long walk on the river, some cleaning... a lovely, simple day.

Today was my toughest day so far, which isn't surprising. Although my family has been awesome about being supportive with this process, there were plenty of temptations today. Ham, Angel Food Cake (which is a personal favorite!), Au Gratin Potatoes... But I am pleased to report that not a single bite of it made it in my mouth. I had a lovely lunch and all on plan! Woo!

Still didn't sleep well last night, but I realized about 3 am that the humidifier was dead. Today I made sure I got all my 10,000 steps in, my humidifier is full, and it's my normal bed time so hopefully that will solve that problem!

I also noticed some pretty significant digestive distress in the early evening. I think this can be blamed on too many carrots and then, really, WAY too many fresh strawberries. They're just so freaking tasty.

Anyway, food log:

Breakfast: about half of a green smoothie made of kale, an orange, half a grapefruit and a banana. (I know, smoothies aren't our favorite option, but oh well :))

Easter dinner (about 2:00 pm): Roasted turkey, lettuce salad with carrots and broccoli, dressed with rosemary infused olive oil, some home made coleslaw made by yours truly, so I know it was clean- and VERY tasty!! Roasted asparagus, sunchoke &potato mash (again by me!). We gnoshed on fresh veggies, olives and dill pickles for a while before lunch, and I had a lot of fresh strawberries for dessert.

All in all, the only reason I felt slightly (and I do mean only a tiny bit!) unsatisfied today was because there were other delicious options available to me if I chose to eat them. The ham was especially difficult to turn down. I mean, I ADORE angel food cake and ice cream, but it's easier to give up dessert. That ham, though- especially how it smelled! That was rather an act of will. But we made it through, AND I have leftovers to eat for part of the week!

Until next time~

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  1. Sorry for the temptations - you did better than I - I had several bites of ham! So impressed by and proud of you!