Sunday, March 11, 2012

The end of winter quarter

This is a combo post. I'll post a couple fitness things, but I want to touch on other things too!

First: My final pounds lost number for Winter Quarter, the first ten weeks of my journey, was 20 pounds down. I'm pleased, although I think February could have gone better. Still, that's an average of two pounds a week, which means I am training hard and eating clean, so I can't complain!

I'm still trying to up my calorie intake a bit, and I think that will help. Unfortunately, my body simply doesn't run on 1200 calories very well. This month I'd like to really try to get my BMR done for me and I'd looove to get a body fat scan done that tells me what my percentage of body fat is. We'll see!

I know it seems like an odd time for new goals, but because it is the end of the quarter, I have some now, even though it is the middle of the month!

Goals for Spring:
-Get out of bed. On time. Everyday.
-continue on my fast food, caffeine & red meat free style of living
-make a silverware windchime
-up my blogging to at LEAST two posts per week, and only one of them about fitness
-MORE yoga. I've done four days in a row- let's see if I can keep it up for a while- I am in love with it.
- start some SERIOUS decluttering. I'm graduating from college. I need to get rid of my crap. It has to go. Interested in something I own? Please ask. Lol.

It was an odd quarter. I have become so dedicated to fitness-and clothing- that sometimes I scarcely recognize myself! And so many days where I felt a thousand years old. But then, so many days where I knew I was right where I was supposed to be in that instant, and I was so so happy. I know that my mood was better because of the yoga. I look at things a little differently now. I see people differently. I plan my days differently. But one of the biggest differences was in my no caffeine or fast food game. I've been caffeine free for almost 9 weeks. When you consider that I was a 24 or more ounce a day girl at one point, that's a big deal. It feels good. Still strange- I still crave the way I felt emotionally after caffeine, or with a cup of coffee, or even worse, with a can of diet pepsi in my hand. But I know that that won't stabilize me emotionally anymore. And so, I drink water, and milk, and the occasional smoothie or random other beverage. I keep trying tea, but so far I haven't forced myself to drink it.

I also only had one fast food meal this quarter. And THAT was weird. Last Spring, when I was really struggling with my ED, the ONLY thing I could make myself eat was fast food. It was awful- bad for me, expensive, kind of gross, but at least I was eating. Then, this Fall, when I was so busy with Hairspray, I was in the same boat- no. time. for. anything. I ate fast food for at least one meal a day for three weeks. Talk about gross and expensive!!
So this quarter, I only had fast food once. And I'm defining fast food as: has a drive thru. Anything else I was ok with this quarter. But I only hit one drive thru, and I felt SO sick afterwards that I think I have learned my lesson. I hope. It didn't even really taste that good, in the end.

Next quarter is going to be SO great. My last quarter of college, three exercise classes plus Yoga and Yoga Sculpt- I'm so excited. It's going to take planning, but that's ok. I'm excited for that too.

As usual, I'll keep you posted. All my love tonight!
Till next time-