Friday, April 17, 2015

Whole30 Day 17: easing into turn 3

You know what there aren't enough of? Hours in the day! It's amazing how much energy I have now- I had to stop myself from working because I can't be lazy tomorrow either and my body needs rest. But I feel like I could keep working!

Today was very, very busy. Let's see. Work was work, nothing special. We left an hour early due to Friday blues, but I had plenty to fill my evening with, so that didn't bother me too much. When I left work, I was on the hunt for black leggings. I know, I know... they're for a costume. Granted, yes, it's MY costume, but still. So I wander into teenage-girl mecca: Forever21. I girded my loins and marched over to the plus sizes (which, really, is anything over about a size 10/12 in their books). I found one pair- they were patterned, but black...but a 2x. So I went back to the giant display of leggings in the main part of the store... which only goes up to Large. Well. I took my two pairs of leggings in.... and... drumroll... the Larges fit! Woo! Plus they were only $4 a pair! So I went ahead and bought two pairs, due to a slight translucency, and sashayed my way off to my favorite thrifting joint. I had some costume shopping to do, which was fine, but I also tried on a couple pairs of jeans. I grabbed a 12 Levi 515 pair, a 12 Sweetheart Old Navy Pair, and a size 10 Eddie Bauer pair. The Eddie Bauer's were brand new, tags still on, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. Those didn't fit at ALL. (No surprise) The Levi's were close, but no cigar. But the Old Navy ones fit just fine. This is the problem with women's clothing. I mean, seriously?? A 12 should just be a freaking 12. Ahem.

So I bought the Old Navy ones, which is exactly what I would have bought brand new, so that's perfect.

Then I stopped by the High school and picked up my work load for the weekend. And THEN I came home. Penelope and I went for a nice long walk, and then we came home and made dinner. Well, she had kibble while I cooked mine.

Then I did a craft project that I'm super pleased with. (Tutorial coming soon- look out for it!)
Finally, I started in on a couple of gifts for friends. I'm super pleased with the progress on that, too- so maybe a coming tutorial on that as well!

But I didn't finish the second project, only got about a quarter way through. And I din't get my kettlebelling done, which I'm disappointed about. But! My first morning commitment tomorrow got cancelled, so I can sleep in a tiny amount and still get everything accomplished.

Anyway, I'm blathering... FOOD LOG:

Meal 1: smoothie with spinach, strawberries and orange. I just really couldn't do another egg cup. Really, just could not. So on my list of things for the weekend is to come up with a better breakfast choice, because by 10am, I was STARVING.

Snack: kale chips. I'm still surprised by how much I like these. I'm planning on making some more for next week!

Lunch: hamburger cabbage soup. Because of my dinner out last night, I had no leftovers, so I grabbed a container out of the freezer, let it defrost overnight, and it was ready to go at lunch time- there's even enough to have on Monday, particularly if I bring some salad to go with!

Meal 3: Steak and sauteed sunchokes.

Let's see... I feel great. Tons of energy. A small amount of irregularity is starting to pop up, but that could be about anything. I was super thirsty today. I really need to try to drink more water again. I was doing so well there for a while!

Until next time~

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