Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Whole30 Day 28: Checkered flag at the ready.

Wowee, April 28th! Barely. It's 11:20 pm here, and I've had a long (but excellent!) day, so this one will be brief.

I feel good. All of the normal things, of course- energy, weight loss (seriously I'm SO excited to weigh in on Friday morning, you have no idea), skin, body working right and feeling good. But I also feel... confident. More myself than I have been in a long time. Less fearful. I've struggled a lot with fear in my life, but when I like myself best,  I'm not afraid; I'm bold. I'm decisive and quick to act. I stand up for myself and others. That's the person the Whole30 seems to be unfurling, which is pretty exciting.

At work today, my boss brought in cookie dough brownies to celebrate someone's birthday. I'm kind of curious to see how I do with the multitudes of baked goods at work after I have less rules governing me. That'll be a real test, because I really think there are baked goods in the break room at LEAST once a week most of the time.

Other than that, work was pretty good. Finished my project, chatted with my boss about shows, etc.

I called my brother on the way home and that was nice too. It's so funny talking to him... those of you who are only children, I really, really feel bad for you. I have friends that I ADORE and think of as family. But no other relationship in my life is like the one I have with my brother. Totally unique and special.

Then Penelope and I went for our w-a-l-k, which it was a GREAT day for. I did my kettlebell set, unpacked the CSA box (NO CABBAGE YAAAAAAY!!!), showered, made my dinner and dashed out the door to my rehearsal. And those dang rehearsals are just SO much fun. I mean, this show is just fun, fun, fun. And it's gonna be so good. And it is SO unbelievably nice to be on stage again. Wow.

And then I came home, made a fresh batch of breakfast porridge, washed all my dishes, took another walk with le pup, did an evening tidy... no wonder I'm tired!

Tomorrow is all about paying bills, learning lines and buying CONTACTS!

Meal 1: apple porridge. I brought an egg to eat... but when I cracked it.... I'd grabbed a raw one instead of a boiled one. Drat.

Snack: grapes. Since my breakfast was incomplete.

Meal 2: stuffed pepper leftovers and grapes

Snack: olives & a handful of almonds

Meal 3: salad! Made from spinach, lettuce, torn up prosciutto, 2 hardboiled eggs, blackberries, green olives & a scoop of guac. I know this sounds like a super weird combo, but it was actually REALLY good. I was very satisfied!

Well, so much for brief! But I'm having to retype every third word now, so I believe I'll get some sleep!

Until next time~

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