Thursday, April 2, 2015

Whole30 Day 2: And we're off!

I wonder how long I can keep up the race metaphors...?

A few days more, at least.

Another successful day! Today, I got to prepare everything I ate myself, which, I have to admit, was kind of a relief. I mean, I'm sure my "unwhich" was complaint yesterday, but well, call me a control freak, I like to know.

I feel good, very good. It was another RIDICULOUSLY busy day at work, but I had plenty of energy, I wasn't overly hungry, and I was in a relatively good mood. I am noticing some... uh, digestive irregularity, but not discomfort. And honestly, at this early in the game, that could be pretty much anything still.

Also, I'm dreaming a LOT this week, and very vividly too. I have no idea if that's tied to my food, but if it is, I could do without it,  honestly.

Anyway, here's what I ate today:

Meal 1: 2 prosciutto-egg-veggie quiches

Meal 2: half a chicken breast with roasted sunchokes, half a grapefruit. See the note below about sunchokes! The grapefruit I was worried about. I love grapefruit, but I usually douse mine in sugar because they're so tart. However, it really wasn't bad!I have one left in my fridge, so I'm looking forward to it now as a potential breakfast add on.

Meal 3: ground pork slider on a baked cabbage steak with oven roasted sunchokes. This was very tasty. I'm telling you, these sunchokes are awesome! They're so good roasted. The pork slider is a recipe from my new cookbook- she serves them with a great looking pineapple relish, but I didn't want to buy a bunch MORE produce when I already get a bunch in my CSA. However, I would love to try the relish at some point- it sounds absolutely awesome! But the pork patty was good on it's own, and very easy. Best of all, it makes 4, so now I have a lot of left over protein servings!  The cabbage steak needs a little bit of tweaking. It was good, but kind of bland. A little lemon juice and some salt worked wonders, but I think if I make these again, I'll try to come up with some kind of compliant sauce or marinade type thingy that I can cook them in, other than olive oil which I could still taste as I was eating it.

I know it's not a very good photo- maybe this challenge will help me with some of my blogging skills too-, but that's what dinner looked like! I didn't even miss the bun.

Today's toughest moment was this afternoon, about an hour and a half after meal 2. Like I said, it was crazy at work, so my boss asked me to run and get lunch for her and one of my coworkers, who is (very) pregnant. I, of course, agreed- everyone knows you don't get in between a pregnant lady and her food- so, boss's credit card in one hand and a list in the other, I went to Wendy's. The whole way there, I thought to myself, "there has to be SOMETHING I can eat!" And probably, I could eat a baked potato, or a side salad with no dressing. But what I wanted was french fries and a chocolate frosty.

Especially after they put both of those items into my car and I drove back to work with the smell of fresh salty fries filling up my car.

BUT! I didn't eat a single one. No fries, no taste of frosty, no nothing, just a big ole drink of water when I got back to work. Whew!

Oh, and about sunchokes: they're also known as Jerusalem Artichokes, but they aren't part of the artichoke family. They're a root vegetable! The above ground plant apparently looks like a sunflower, which is where they get their name. The vegetable itself looks like a less knobby ginger root. The flesh inside is white, kind of like a more vegetable-y potato. You can eat them raw, but my preference is to roast them. They're sweet , kind of like carrots or sweet potatoes! I've gotten a ton of them in my CSA boxes, so be prepared to hear about them now and then.

Till next time-

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