Saturday, April 18, 2015

Whole30 Day 18: Turn 3!

What a glorious, glorious day! I hope you all got the chance to be outside today. Around here, at least, it was absolutely incredible. A perfect, perfect spring day. And very productive, if I do say so!

Late last night, I got word that the only real appointment I had for the day, from about 9-11am, had been cancelled. Although I was disappointed- I have measurements to take!- it did give me two extra hours of viable time to get other things done. So! Penelope let me sleep in (reluctantly) until 9:00. We got up, went for our morning meander, and had breakfast while I made a shopping list. Then I showered, got dressed and then had lunch. No, I wasn't all that hungry, but I knew we'd be gone for a while and didn't want to get caught hungry! Then, we went over to a park, sort of on the way to the grocery. And we walked for an hour and a half! This specific park is called Hills and Dales, and boy, is it! Penelope absolutely loved it, of course, and I did too- but it was a bit warmer than I had expected and I forgot to bring water. But a quick car ride cooled us off, and I went to the grocery. Don't worry, I left windows down! Then, a quick stop at the pet store yielded collapsible bowls for Penelope and cat litter for Little Bit. With the amount that dog is riding around with me these days, I figure a pair of bowls we can just leave in the car is probably a pretty good idea- I'm always grabbing some random piece of tupperware, either from my cupboard or someone else's, so hopefully this will help her out some! An even briefer stop at the library to pick up a few things, and we came home. Groceries away, I sat down and finished the project I started late last night- it turned out pretty cute! Then I made and ate my dinner, and did some alterations for the high school, paid the rest of the bills for the month, ordered next week's "you made it!" prize, and bought a ticket to see a friend in a show. Then I did my kettlebell workout, Penelope and I went for a final walk, and now we're in bed! Whew!

How am I feeling, you ask?

I had bad dreams last night. I don't really think this is anything nutrition related, although I know they can be. I have pretty vivid bad dreams fairly regularly. But it did kind of throw my morning off. Other than that, the only issue I'm having is some slight digestional, gastro-intestinal trouble. Nothing too bad, and that may have to do with things other than food too, but that's how I'm doing today. Side note: it's really weird to be this open and honest about some of this stuff with the entirety of the internet.
Anyway, I had plenty of energy, and I was in a good mood all day as well. Oh! I'm also noticing some calf cramping in the mornings and if I wake up at night, which happens sometimes, especially around this time of year. No idea what that's about, but I'm seeing it.

Food Log:

Meal 1: two fried eggs and a grapefruit. You know, even grapefruits taste sweet now? I mean, I just ate it, no sugar (obviously) or anything! Very strange, but it was SO so good.

Meal 2: leftover steak and sunchokes from yesterday.

Meal 3: baked rainbow trout and roasted sunchokes. The newsletter from my CSA says that we're almost done getting sunchokes, and you know, I have to admit I'm ok with that. I really, really like them a lot... but they're have been a lot of them this spring! Also, I got rainbow trout at the store- they were a little expensive- I think something like $7 for two filets? But that's four meals, which seems like a bargain to me.

I also snacked on some grapes today, and then had a glass of fruit juice this evening. Which I almost couldn't finish, it was so incredibly sweet! Mm, such a treat!

Until next time~

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