Saturday, April 11, 2015

Whole30 Day 11: Corner two

Saturdays are hard, y'all.

If you haven't noticed, I like my routines. And weekends make that more difficult. I have trouble getting enough things done, and as a consequence, my eating suffers a little bit- not much, but just enough.

On the whole, I had a really good day, though! Lots of yummy foods, full (except then I didn't have dinner until like 9:30 so I was super hungry...see what I mean about Saturdays?). I didn't get quite enough done, but, well, you can only do what you can do. I got up this morning and went to go get some new measurements for my summer show. I came home then, and, well... took a nap. A long one. Oh well. I got up, put clothes away in my dresser (yaaaaaay!), took my dog for a nice long walk, then did my meal planning for the week. Made my grocery list, loaded Penelope in the car and went to run some errands. I picked up a few things at Target, a couple things at the JoAnn, and then Penelope and I went into PetSmart. Let me tell you, that dog is SO POPULAR. Everyone wants to pet her and say hi, and she just butters right up to them. She is really getting some manners going now though. We've been working on them really hard. She still pulls really hard if she wants to go visit a dog friend, and she has a tendency to bark occasionally at people (which is really fearsome sounding, so it usually scares them) but progress is being made! After Petsmart, I went into Kroger. I needed 4 things. Unfortunately, one of them was at the pharmacy, and MAN were they slow. Eventually though, we came home, I made some dinner (which was awesome!), put my new prizes away and then shifted my to-do list. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, and I have a feeling Monday will be right on its heels!

So, food log:

Meal 1: 2 hardboiled eggs, banana Part of my food prep tomorrow afternoon is going to be cutting up some fresh veggies to go and I'm going to try some kale chips (I have so much fresh kale right now). I'm hoping that will help me add veggies to quicker meals!

Meal 2: leftover chicken veggie stirfry from last night

Snack: fresh strawberries and a handful of almonds

Meal 3: steak and sauteed sunchokes. Steaks were on sale! It was awesome! And I'm getting better about cooking them, which has not historically been my strong suit.

I noticed I did ache a bit today, but it was at the end of the day mostly and I didn't wear my best shoes (another thing about weekends, I can dress up more! But then I don't wear good shoes...). I was also REALLY thirsty. I really need to get back to drinking enough water, but honestly, one thing at a time! Other than that, though, I feel really good. I'm sleeping really well, on the whole- as in apparently there was a GIANT thunderstorm the other night and I never even rolled over-I don't feel bloated or over-full ever, but I also don't feel hungry most of the time. My skin is looking really good, I have lots of energy for the most part (I need to go to bed earlier, but I get busy at night and then it's late before I know it!) And I really don't miss my non-plan foods... much. I am still missing the texture of baked goods, but not enough to really be tempted to stop now! And I can tell my palette is changing. My strawberries this afternoon? Tasted like candy. SO sweet. Fruit is starting to even feel like a treat. Ooh! Maybe I'll juice some oranges tomorrow- a change in drinkables would be awesome!

Ok, ok.

Until next time~

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