Sunday, July 1, 2012

June goal wrap up

Hello all!

Can you believe it, June is over? It seems like it FLEW to me! It was a good month, over all. I didn't do perfect, but I am far from perfect, so that is alright. Anyhow, here's how I did on my goals.

#1. Play outside everyday, for a minimum of 15 minutes. I did ok on this. It helped immensely that I had rehearsal outside the second half of the month! I'm giving myself an 80% here.

#2. Create 3 beautiful things.  I fell short on this one too, sadly! I did make a case for my kindle (post on its way), and I was well on my way to making a case for my laptop case and an armband for my phone when I run. BUT THEN MY POWER WENT OUT. So that meant no cutting of fabric, no sewing, nothing. So there went that. So, sadly... 33%

#3. Read 3 books. I made this one!! I read Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings, both by George RR Martin. Good Omens was hilarious, and the beginning two books of A Song of Ice and Fire were very exciting and full of intrigue. Those two are definitely not kid friendly, however. Many adult themes. But I get to give myself a 100% on this one!

#4. Continue to do the 30 day shred everyday. I gave up on this one, I must admit. I got bored, and tired of it, and so I tried to move onto other workouts, like running. I still suck at running, but I'm getting there, inch by inch, step by step. Unfortunately, I can really only give it like, a 20%.

#5. Start clearing out my clutter. I also failed on this one. Cleaning stuff out is HARD! MUST do better this month!! 0%

#6. Go to 3 new places. This one I did great on! In fact, I went to at least FIVE new places. One new restaurant, and four new parks, and they were all great! 100%!

#7. Try 5 new recipes. I also did great on this one! I posted two of my new recipes, but I also tried a Black Bean salad/salsa, a new cookie, and Yellow squash boats with veggies, chicken and cheese with breadcrumbs. They were all FABULOUS. Great decisions, all. 100%

wow, overall, I earned a 62%. That's not great, at all. Have to try to do better next month! I'll post July's goals tomorrow!