Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Whole30 Day 21: Final lap!

Can you guys BELIEVE IT?! Yes, I'm probably going to start all of these posts with some exclamation of shock Every time I type the date into the title bar, I freak out all over again. THREE WHOLE WEEKS. Wow.

Today was a roller coaster, emotionally. I mean, I've run the whole gamut: contented, excited, scared, happy, pleased, frustrated, mildly angry, annoyed, furious, nostalgic, and utter sorrow. No wonder I'm wiped out. Don't we just love hormones?

As for physically, I feel better today, so maybe this diet (I hate that word, but you know what I mean) did help the PMS symptoms after all. I usually feel pretty yucky for about 1-3 days and any discomfort today was light and fleeting.  I was really, really sleepy this afternoon, but that might have had to do with monotony at work too :)

Penny and I got up a little early this morning. I went to work, stopped at the high school to work on some things and came home. My landlord was trying to fix my kitchen lighting fixture and I had no way into my fridge, so I worked on costume research until he was done at about 8:00. I warmed up my cabbage rolls- very tasty! That's definitely a keeper recipe. I basically steamed the cabbage leaves off and sauteed up a bunch of vegetables and a pound of hamburger, rolled the meat mixture into the cabbage leaves and  baked them at 325 for two hours. It made a lot, too. I may make another panful this weekend and freeze them all for simple meals on the go. Then I spent another hour on research before a night night walk with my best girl and now it's already bedtime. I only got about half of the things I needed to do done, but well, that's life sometimes. Especially when your landlord spends all evening "fixing" your kitchen light, but you go back in your kitchen an hour after he leaves and the thing won't turn on at all... no, I don't really want to do dishes by moonlight, athankyaverymuch!

Food log:
Meal 1: Cinnamon apple porridge and a boiled egg. So good.

Meal 2: salad with lettuce, mushrooms, fish filet, olives and lemon juice. some green grapes.

Meal 3: cabbage rolls: mine were cabbage, hamburger, onion, mushroom, green pepper & cucumber Very comforting and tasty.

Until next time~

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