Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whole30 Day 9: no brakes

Ironically, that's what Dallas and Melissa call junk food: food with no brakes.

Well, today, I have no brakes. But my food did.

I hurt today. Joints, ankles, knees, hips. Badly. This happens to me sometimes, been happening for years. It's the first day I haven't felt completely awesome on my whole30 journey, and I have to admit, it was a bummer. I feel better now- it's been storming for several days, and I am sure its the pressure changes. I feel better now this evening. Tonight, I suppose I should say.

Other than that, I am tired. That probably has more to do with not getting enough sleep than anything.

Enough blathering tonight!

Today's food intake:

Meal 1: half a green smoothie made of spinach, half a grapefruit, a banana and a handful of strawberries. I forgot my egg cup, which was sad. But I made it to lunch (albeit an early one)

Meal 2: Leftovers from last night's dinner. Barbecue spiced pork chop with roasted beets. Coleslaw. I'm super tired of the slaw, but I really want to finish it, so I keep munching on it.

Meal 3: Big salad! Lettuce, mushrooms, 2 hardboiled eggs, some red onion, a carrot and a red apple. A weird thing happened when I started eating it. I almost never, never get sick to my stomach, but I did tonight. Two bites in and I headed to the bathroom, convinced I was going to throw up. After about 5 minutes, my stomach settled, I went back to my dinner, ate slowly and carefully and felt fine. I must have gotten a bite of something weird or off. Who knows.

It was kind of an off day- between the achy joints, the tiredness and the weird stomach thing- all of which did nothing for my focus.

Ah well, tomorrow is a new day.

Until next time ~

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  1. So sorry you didn't feel well - I had an achey day too. Maybe the storms coming did it. Hope today is better!