Friday, April 10, 2015

Whole30 Day 10: One third down!

Don't worry, I have more race metaphors. But this was just too good to not announce!One third of the way done already!

Today was so so SO much better than yesterday! My aches are pretty much gone today, or at least much more acceptable levels. I had more energy and a bit more focus- that's something I'm working very hard and trying to be very intentional about.

This evening, I finally got my dresser dealt with and moved! So that's good news- I can get it filled up and get clothes off the floor!

Unfortunately, I didn't get all my steps in, but oh well. I was busy.

Meal log for today:

Meal 1: one egg cup and a little smoothie. The smoothie just didn't taste very good to me today for some reason, so I didn't eat most of it.

Meal 2: Say it with me now! Pork chop and roasted beets with coooooooooleslaw! (One more meal of that and I think I'm getting rid of the slaw )

Meal 3: Went to get my dresser and Dad and I made dinner together! Chicken stirfry: just chicken breasts with some seasoning, carrots, broccoli, sweet peas & mushrooms. It was super tasty and pretty fun to make dinner with my dad-o.

Oh! Two more things:

1: I was really hungry today. Could be a function of not eating enough, cause my meals were kind of small. But all day long, I felt like I could eat. Also I'm really missing the texture of bread products. Nothing is chewy that way.

2: I SWEAR I'm not trying to measure or weigh myself but, I own two pairs of denim capris. One I bought a year ago at my heaviest point (boo) and one I bought several years ago that are much smaller. It was warm today, so I reached for the bigger pair today. They. Were. HUGE. Like, laughably large. So I grabbed the smaller pair and they fit! HA! They're a smidge snug, but not really bad at all, especially as they've loosened up while I'm wearing them. I was pretty excited!

Ok, that's all
Until next time ~

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