Monday, April 27, 2015

Whole30 Day 27: The last long straightaway

Seriously, three more days. When did that happen? Why is it that when you're ten, you blink and 2 seconds go by... when you're 25 you blink and you're missing a whole month?! I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of flack about it getting worse as you get older, but right now that can't possibly be true!

But let's talk about today before it's gone too.

Let's see. My eyes are really bothering me tonight- ordering new contacts just hit number 2 on my todo list, right below "deposit check that will allow the purchase of new contacts". AND I GOT ANOTHER ZIT. Which is frustrating, but probably related more to my failure to wash my face at night than anything food wise.  The breakout on my back is just a little pimple too, no dragon wings.

If I haven't already said so, the "dragon wings" are a series of dry scaly patches and big (nickel sized) bumps that I've gotten a few times on my upper back and shoulder blades. I had a pretty bad case of them this spring- until I started the Whole30.

In other news, Penelope and I went for a run this evening! Just a short guy, I started my 5k training app over, but still- it felt pretty good. I do enjoy running. And Penelope is really a pretty good running buddy except sometimes she pulls me down the sidewalk cause she gets excited. And then we did the kettlebell circuit. So all in all, I'm feeling pretty great. I really like that kettlebell- the cycle I'm doing is difficult enough to leave me out of breath and sweating, but really takes about ten minutes, so it's a perfect short and sweet little bit of weight training.

Let's see, food today:

Meal 1: Cinnamon apple porridge. I forgot to hardboil more eggs, so I was pretty hungry at ten o'clock, so...

Snack: grapes. I know, fruit on it's own isn't the Whole30's first choice, but it's what I had, and really, they're grapes, not candy.

Meal 2: leftover meatza with guac and... a few more grapes. The meatza caused quite a stir at the lunch table today. Everyone thought it was pretty funny! But it warmed up pretty nicely and tasted excellent, so they can laugh all they want.

Meal 3: Paleo stuffed peppers. These were great! I got two yellow bell peppers in my CSA last week, so I halved them and filled them up with a mixture of ground pork with some seasonings, onion, garlic, chopped cherry tomatoes, verde salsa and red salsa. I backed the peppers in an oiled casserole dish for 30 minutes at 350, and topped them with some guac and more red salsa. And then ate a handful of berries with one whole pepper for dinner. So tasty! And really very easy, if a bit messy to make and more than a bit messy to eat! That recipe is a keeper- another good one for using up whatever veggies you need to. I bet you could even add leafy greens without much trouble!

I keep thinking of Friday as the end of this, but really, I've got two weeks left of readjusting. I'm kind of nervous about the reintegration process, honestly. I'm afraid I'll feel sick when I start eating things again. I am looking forward to paleo nachos with black beans on Friday, though! The black beans? Totally bought those at the store today and I'm still feeling a little... rebellious.

Until next time~

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