Saturday, April 4, 2015

Whole30 day 4: Corner one

Welcome back! I had another great day today! Plenty of food, plenty of energy (for the most part, as we'll see), and another day in a pretty fantastic mood. So! Let's see:

I will say, I slept pretty poorly last night. In fact, I dreamed that I forgot I was on my Whole30, and THAT I FORGOT ABOUT IT, so I bought myself a strawberry milkshake. My mom made a comment about it, and then I remembered. Dream Charis was FURIOUS. I woke up angry and had to remind myself that I hadn't actually drank it. So while I don't really think that counts as a craving, it was amusing. Other than that, yes, I slept pretty poorly, which is probably due to so much sleeping yesterday morning. But I got up this morning, walked Penelope, got around and left and went up to a rehearsal. I ate breakfast when I got up there, sat in meetings and measurements for 5 hours, came home, grabbed lunch, laundry and Penelope and went out to Mom's. We did some easter egg dyeing, and then my bad night's sleep caught up with me. I didn't really sleep that long, but man laying there quietly was nice. Then, this evening, I had dinner with my dad and brother, came home, put away laundry, put clean sheets on my bed and climbed in.

So today's food log:

Meal one: 2 egg prosciutto veggie quiches, orange. you know, the egg cups are tasty, really, they are! But I'm gonna need to find something other than eggs, I think. At some point soon-ish.

Meal 2: leftover pork patty, 2 hardboiled eggs, large serving baby carrots. This was more spread out than it probably "should" have been, but it was a busy day! Oh well.

Meal 3: Dad, Levi and I went to Bob Evans. This turned out to be pretty easy (terrible service aside). I ordered the choice sirloin, which comes with mushrooms and onions (and says it comes with melted cheese, but of course I ordered it without that!), steamed broccoli and a plain baked sweet potato. I will say, never been a super huge fan of sweet potato (except as a delicious fry!) but this one tasted great! Somehow I doubt it was Bob's... tastebuds starting to shift? Anyway, the hardest part was turning down the delicious bread that comes with dinner at Bob's, but I managed it, and made sure I got no butter, brown sugar, etc. It was tasty!

Also, I feel skinny. Like my body is already less bloated, etc. I suppose its possible, although I'm sure part of it is psychological too :)

I am noticing though that my fingernails are in pretty bad shape right now. Who knows, but they were peeling really badly until I gave them some attention tonight. Again, I find it pretty unlikely that the tips of my fingernails could be affected already, but I'm just trying to take note of things I'm noticing as I notice them.

Until next time ~

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