Thursday, April 16, 2015

Whole30 Day 16: coast

Hello everyone!

What. A. DAY! What a day. For reference, it's 10:15 pm and this is the first time I've been home for more than 10 minutes since 7:30 am! Just a day in the life! I worked all day, went to CJ, the school I work for, and met with my amazing, wonderful, hard working students who are blowing me away with their costume designs for the One Acts we're working on. (And bonus, the one act that's mine to design is looking pretty swell too!)

Then I came home, threw stuff together, dashed around the block with Penelope, and flew off to my rehearsal, which was just so great. I've missed singing and performing! But I'm ready for a good rest now.

I feel pretty good today. Plenty of energy, no noticeable mood swings or anything. Not overly hungry between meals. Focused. My hair and skin are looking better than ever- in fact, I think the stress spots I was struggling with are almost all cleared up. And I can't break out, even if I'm trying. (Not that I am!)

The biggest struggle right now, still, is to avoid weighing or measuring myself. It seems incredible that the body I fought so incredibly hard for in 2012 is peeking through again- and this time, I feel really great getting there! So very excited for those results.

Let's see:

Meal 1: one egg cup and a small amount of smoothie. Breakfast really, really didn't taste good to me this morning. I'm out of egg cups and due for a new smoothie tomorrow, so that gives me a chance to switch it up somehow for next week!

Meal 2: Leftover zoodles and meatballs. So tasty! I'm discovering, though, that the key here is to have less zoodles than toppings. It was a lot of zucchini today. Also it definitely needs to cook some more- I might try sautéing it in some oil and garlic next time. But that sauce and those meatballs- amazing.

Meal 3: I WENT OUT FOR DINNER! IT WAS AMAZING. I went to Hot Head Burrito (similar to Chipotle) tonight. I checked their website ahead of time, so I was prepared. I had a bowl with lettuce, pork, guacamole & pico de gallo. And it was just so good. Fantastically good. And I got to sit outside at a picnic table with my pup and enjoy it in the fresh spring sunshine. Perfection.

And now I'm home, ready for a slightly early night. I've got some things to add to my to-do list for the weekend, which was already long, but that's alright- it's two and a half whole days, after all!

Until next time~

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