Sunday, April 12, 2015

Whole30 Day 12: Cruise control

Happy Sunday!

What a day, what a day! Busy! But great overall. Let's see...

Penelope and I got up early and went for our morning w-a-l-k. Came home, had breakfast, showered, and went off to momma's. A load of laundry started, Mom and I went off to pull some costumes out of storage. Got back to Mom's, had some lunch, pulled the laundry down, left to drive home. Annnnnd then I realized my phone was back in the costume storage barn. Drive back to Mom's, get the key, go back to the barn, there's the phone! Hooray! Turn around, drop the key off, whoo. Tired. Should've done some meal prep, took a short nap instead. Got up, walked Penny Grace (yes, she has a middle name), got myself around and drove to the read through for the show I'm actually in (magical, I know!) Read through was great, so I came home, ate some dinner, made some kale chips, cleaned up a bit, went on our night-night walk and made some lists. Whoo. No wonder I'm tired!

And thirsty! I really, really need to up my water intake some. That's hard! I mean, I already do so much thinking about food, it seems crazy to try to deal with water too. But I'll try this next week.

Other than that, I feel good. No digestive problems of any kind, no breakouts, no real aches to speak of.

So, food log:

Meal 1: Two hardboiled eggs, and a glass of fresh, home made orange-lemon juice. Holy moly that tasted good! Felt like such a treat!

Meal 2: leftover ground beef with spinach and red pepper wrapped in romaine lettuce

Meal 3: the last barbecue chop and beet combo!

It's really interesting how little I'm eating but yet,  I feel so satisfied.  There are foods I miss, but from a comfort level, not a need level. It's a nice change- I used to be the girl that could easily finish a half a pizza. Now I can eat one small pork chop and a little less than one roasted beet and I'm full and content for hours. Love it!

Until next time~

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