Saturday, August 6, 2011

when life gets in the way

I'm super busy. I don't know if I can explain how busy. At least during the school year. In addition to being a Full-Time Student, I work nearly full time, and I run my small crafting business. (Click Here to see my site!) In the midst of all that, is this little baby blog. I know, I know, it is Summer time, and yes, it is true that I am often attached at the hip with my computer. (my friends all live in it!) But, at the same time, Life happens. And honestly, that's the simplest thing of all Honestly, I often wonder if that isn't the truest form of living simply. Just let life HAPPEN. Planning doesn't- can't- always work. It only gets you so far. And I have found, although I am young, that the best moments of my life are the un-planned ones. The trips I didn't mean to take, the things I didn't mean to buy, the people I never intended to meet. Those are the things in my life that I treasure the most. So when life happens to you, let it. Don't freak out, go with the flow. Enjoy the ride. Sit back, and watch your life unfold. i'm not saying it will just magically happen. But when you tug on the right door, and it opens, and the fireworks start to go off because you're right where you are supposed to be, then WATCH them. Don't go running by because you are too busy to see them, or because a certain project is taking over your life, or you feel tied to a routine. Sometimes it is good to break your routines. This is a hard lesson for me. I looove my routines. I like having a schedule, and I have difficulty with upset and surprises. (Surprise Parties= bad idea for me...) But it is a good thing to shake it up now and then, and what happens while you're shaking is really what life is about. That's how it happens. Not in the routines that we create for ourselves. Not in the rules and strictures we place around our lives. Live. Let yourself go, metaphorically, and see what happens.

I guarantee you'll be happier for it. 

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