Friday, August 19, 2011

the merits of sleep

The ironic thing about this post is that I think I'm probably about half asleep as I write it.  I have horrible sleeping habits. Confess now, College Students, yours are bad too. We live in a sleep vacuum. Welcome to college, you can choose sleep OR good Grades OR a social life. You cannot have all three, and having two of the three is difficult. However, sleep, is so good for our bodies.

The problem is, I always have something better to do. Somehow, sleep always ends up on the bottom of my priority list. I like sleep. I really do. But it just isn't that important to me.


 Because if I slept more, I'd be slimmer, have more energy, be more focused, need to eat less, be prettier, have better skin and hair, and my muscles would hurt less.

Or would they?

Could it be that I simply haven't found the right balance of sleep yet? Could it be that I just need to balance my diet and sleep habits, making smart choices and listening to my body? I really do believe that everyone's needs are significantly different. Our bodies need different things, and the amount of sleep we need is just one of them.

On that note, though, it is about time for bed for me. I'm working on hour number 18, and I'm sleepy.

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