Wednesday, August 17, 2011

our very own treasure trove

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm moving. Welcome to the party. As anyone who has ever moved before knows, this is a royal pain in the tookus. Luckily, I don't have to vacate my current residence. But my main residence will become my apartment in about 2 weeks. And so, I am sorting and packing and TRYING to get rid of some (read most) of my possessions. It's hard. But we've discussed that.

Anyway, I was reading a post on Miss Minimalist (link to your right. over...over...down... there!) that talked about her ebay adventures. When she started selling her stuff, she had an ebay mountain. It was her second job. But as she whittled away at her stuff, she realized that not only did she not need THIS stuff, she didn't need new stuff! And now, as she thinks about buying things, she thinks about selling them later and what a hassle it will be, so she doesn't do it as often.

Well, I read that. I thought about what hard work it would be to sell even an eighth of what I own. I looked around at the piles of stuff that were suffocating me as I looked at them. And I logged onto I listed 11 books, most of them textbooks. I'm hoping they will sell... can't hurt, right? I've got some other "junk" that needs to go on there as well- a pair of dance shoes that are too big, an old computer charger cord, et cetera. The thing is, we all have hundreds of unused dollars sitting in our homes. Our very own little treasure trove. And here's the thing: they're all things we SIMPLY DON'T NEED! Once upon a time, I needed almost all of those books for class. I used them, and then some of them sat on a shelf for four years! I could have turned around and made $20 FOUR YEARS ago. Hopefully they sell now. Some of them will, I bet. But perhaps not all.

So as i move, I'm trying to make four piles out of all of my stuff. The first, and largest, sadly, is The Stuff I am Going to Keep. For at least another year. The second is The Stuff That Gets Pitched. In the garbage. Buh-bye. The thirs is The Stuff That Gets Donated. Any clothes and shoes especially, go in here. Along with some books and toys. The final pile is The Stuff I'm Trying To Sell. This is the newest pile, but I am going to attempt to get a LITTLE money out of ridding myself of my possessions. So far... nada. But I've only had the books listed for three hours.

Patience, padawan.

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  1. That is a gerat idea! I have tons of things i should sell! We ahve a site in Serbia, So I will try to do that :-)