Sunday, August 21, 2011

90 day challenge has been pushed back!

Hi all! I've decided to push back my 90 day challenge event. I've been talking to a few friends about it, and I wanted to do a little more planning and prep before I really started it. So I've decided that the 90 day challenge will officially kick off on... (drumroll please...)

September 4, 2011!!

If you are looking to join me this fall on my 90 day challenge, I'm so glad! Here's the disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, nor am I attempting to run an exercise or diet regimen or program. I am doing this for MYSELF, and am not responsible for anyone else's actions due to their decision to follow along.

That being said, if you're interested, start tuning in on August 29, as I will be posting a week of prep on the 90 day challenge then. If this isn't something that necessarily interests you, don't be alarmed! Once we kick off on the fourth, I'll be doing weekly updates, and more normal blogs the rest of the week. But here's a thought: try your own version of the 90 day challenge. Need to see your family more? Try it for 90 days. Need to save money? Do it for 90 days! Try to make a new habit in these 90 days, and we'll see where we are on December 2!

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  1. I am thinking about it... And I kinda need my challenge... I am already on a diet... But I need the exercise... I will be joining, just need to figure out with what kind of activity... :-)