Wednesday, August 24, 2011

good friends, good summer, goodbyes...

Today was the last day at my Summer job. I've fussed about it, here and there, and it isn't a perfect job. But I've enjoyed it, nonetheless. Had you asked me in May what I thought the Summer would be like, I'd have groaned and shot off some miserable, negative response. I was terrified to start this summer. But I needed the job, and so, off to work I went.

And slowly, slowly, I grew to really like the people I was working with, and I grew to really appreciate the job for what it was.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I realized today, that I wouldn't be coming back to work tomorrow. It was a strange feeling, saying goodbyes to people I'd been determined not to like. But I do like them, and I will miss them.

Here's the lesson: leave the doors open on life, and you never know who will walk in. Shut them, and no one can get it in to you. The more doors you have open, the more you can connect to people, and the more experiences you will have, both good and bad. but that is what life is about: experiences. And you get only one with your door closed. The experience of loneliness.

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