Monday, August 22, 2011


Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? I do. It is a rare thing for me to dream, and remember them in the morning. Part of this is the afore-mentioned lack of sleep. I honestly think I don't sleep enough to be able to remember any dreams I might have found time for.

However, when I DO dream, they are often vivid. I remember what's happening in them for a long time usually, although sometimes when I wake up, I talk about the dream aloud so I remember better. But I wonder what they mean.

I know that they mean something. It's part of being an empath. Not a huge part of my specific set of abilities, but it is there. I also wonder, especially when I have dreams about the people I'm tied to. For instance, in the last three weeks, I've had multiple dreams about a friend of mine. They're always different dreams, but often with the same tone, or theme. Said friend is a close tie of mine, and I have to believe that there is something to the dreams. If only I could figure out what!

For now, I guess, I'll have to live one just trying to remember the details of my dreams, and piecing them together in my head. Maybe they make a giant, connected story, if only i could remember all the chapters...

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