Friday, May 1, 2015

After Whole30 day one: Beans

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart. Is that even true? Heck if I know. Luckily for me, the second half of that charming poem is not... at least not yet!

So today I could add beans and legumes back to my diet!
I feel pretty good- I'm breaking out a bit on my left chin/cheek area, but that was there this morning. I'm also absolutely whooped at 9pm, but I'm not totally convinced that's the beans either.

After all, it was a busy day. I worked until noon (we closed early for the weekend), before going to the kroger store. I grabbed a jar of all natural peanut butter, a tub of hummus, an apple and a small salad with some grapes and berries. The hummus tasted WONDERFUL, but like hummus. Nothing overly surprising. I had a couple tablespoons with veggies from my salad.  The natural peanut butter though- WOW! Except for the soupy consistency, it almost could have passed as regular sugary pb. Amazing. Then I went and ordered new contacts, stopped at the high school to drop receipts, picked up PennyG and the laundry, returned a purchase from TJ Maxx, and went to Momma's. Threw in a load of laundry, went out to her theatre's storage and pulled like crazy for Mary Poppins! Pretty excited to really get started on that! Then Penelope and I came home, I made and ate some dinner... and pretty much nose dived. I'm just... taking a night off and going to bed early!

I'm loving being in this good of a mood though. I mean, I just don't get mean or grumpy feeling. I feel things, sure, but they don't effect my mood like they used to.

ok, last thing before I tell you what all I ate today...

Yes, I weighed and measured!! Ok, a few caveats. I weighed first thing this morning, before I ate anything.
I measure last thing tonight after I'd eaten (but I don't think I ate THAT badly to actually make the measurements increase). My 'before weight' was from March 29 (or so) but my 'before measurements' are from February.

Before weight (March 29): 198 This morning, I weighed in at 190

This is a 60 pound weight loss from about this time last year. (to date)

Before measurements:                   After measurements:
Bust: 46                                           Bust:44
Waist:38                                          Waist 35.5 (yes!)
Hip: 46                                            Hip: 44
bicep: 16                                         bicep: 13.5 (woo!)
Thigh: 25                                        Thigh: 24.5

Overall, I am happy with these results, although the weight loss was NOT my strongest motivation for this. I was hoping for something a little more dramatic, but 8 pounds is very respectable in one month- especially considering I did this without any restricting or extreme exercise.
As for the measurements, I'm pretty pleased there, as well. I knew I was shrinking! I would like to try these measurements in the morning though, just to see the comparison.

ok, now!

Meal 1: breakfast porridge & hardboiled egg
Snack: banana
Meals 2: small salad with chicken, berries and grapes, hummus, apple, peanut butter
Meal 3: PALEO NACHOS! (So freaking good!) I took root vegetable chips, and topped them with some hot seasoned chicken I'd just cooked, black beans, 2 kinds of salsa, chives and guacamole. Boy, oh boy! They were good! And a plate full was INCREDIBLY filling. Like, way more filling than nachos usually are.

ok, y'all, it might not even be 9:30 yet, but I'm super sleepy!

Until next time~

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