Sunday, May 3, 2015

After Whole30: legume recovery weekend


Sorry I didn't get a post out yesterday... it just didn't happen. It was a pretty busy weekend, all things considered.

Yesterday, I got up early and dragged myself off to rehearsal, where I measured a few more kids and generally checked in on the summer show. Then I came home, vegged for a while, and then Penelope and I went to a family and pet fair hosted by our vet's office. The vet just opened a new location, so they had a few booths, we both got some free stuff... and then we went and looked at the new vet's office. Mostly, we'll continue to vet where we have in the past, but the new place has a dog training area, some puppy rehab stuff and some surgery facilities. Hopefully, we won't have to spend much time there, but it is really lovely, so if we do, I'm glad to have seen it! And in any case, it was fun, something to do outside in the gorgeous weather, etc.

 Then I went last night to see a friend's production of West Side Story at a local high school. Really great work, very impressive! And then I ended up talking to said friend for like... a solid three hours. I love good conversations like that, but it was very late when I got home!

All day, I felt kind of sleepy and tired. Just not a lot of motivation or energy to do much of anything.I was in a pretty great mood for most of it... just tired. I don't really think I'm blaming the legumes from Friday, though... Mostly the weird schedule and possibly not the right balance of macros (no, I'm not going to begin tracking my macros. Yes I do feel better when I eat more protein.)


Meal 1: banana raisin porridge... with another banana

Meal 2: leftover nachos (without the beans this time!)

Meal 3: hot head bowl special

Today, I slept until about 8, at which point Penelope threw up. So I cleaned that up, and we went for our morning constitutional. (she has seemed totally fine all day and is now sound asleep with her head in my lap). I made some breakfast... but then it got dumped all over the couch, so I only got about half of it. I ran lines for my show, and then took a nap. And then I went to the grocery, tidied up around here a bit, and then got off and went to my rehearsal. They are just SO FUN! Afterward, Derek and I ended up talking half the night away- oops! So I grabbed a snack and now I'm in bed.

I love weekends, but I know I didn't do very well this weekend at eating good meals. The choices were all ok, but they just didn't make great meals. Part of that was I did a lot of things this weekend. Part of it is I just didn't plan very well last week, so I didn't know what I was really doing after Friday night's nachos. But part of it is that now that my whole30 is over, I'm struggling a little bit already. Its totally a mental thing, but it feels like now that the program is over, the portions, planning and rules can relax a little, which isn't true at all. So I need to try to do better this week.


Meal 1: egg scramble with spinach and chives

Meal 2: leftover hothead, root chips & guacamole

Meal 3: ...handful of almonds and a handful of raisins. I had planned on eating dinner... but then I talked Derek's ear off and I didn't want to cook/eat a meal when it is already past bedtime!

Overall, I think legumes are probably pretty safe for me to add back in- albeit on a rather limited and specialty basis. I am going to keep an eye on whether I continue to have low energy when I eat them, but I feel pretty comfortable allowing myself the occasional something with peanut butter, or some black beans or hummus, or some other legume product.

Tomorrow I add back in non gluten grains!

Until next time~

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