Friday, May 8, 2015

After whole30: enthusiasm flagging

Hello, everyone!


It was another rather hectic day at work, but nothing too terrible. And then I had a nice, lovely quiet evening at home: made dinner, did some cleaning (although not enough!), some sewing, and then went for a run about 10:00. Night time runs are the best runs. Yes, that is my idea of a nice Friday night, and yes, actually, I am middle aged.

I feel pretty good. I definitely need to up my water intake next week. I can tell I'm dehydrated, especially now that I'm running some again. But I'm not noticing anything else, really. I have plenty of energy, I'm in a good mood, my body feels pretty good...

OH! I weighed in this morning and lost another three pounds! YAY! Just keep falling, numbers! That's officially-officially 60 pounds in just over a year and about 35 pounds until goal weight, although I'm not super tied up in the goal weight thing. But still. 60 pounds. Wow.

I will say, though, that reintroduction is proving to be the most difficult part of this. I wasn't supposed to eat dairy today... definitely had some cheese on my salad. I guess that was the only off thing all day, so that's not too bad... but just knowing there's some options there is weird and oddly discomfiting. On the other hand, no signs of dairy disagreeing with me... yet. I'm still pretty suspicious of it.

Today's menu:

Meal 1: grain free apple porridge

Meal 2: spinach salad with turkey, almonds, small amount of monterey jack cheese, olives and guacamole. Pear on the side. This was NOT the most delicious choice I've ever made, but I survived.

Snack: mango

Meal 3: chicken thigh with roasted zucchini and yellow squash. This was very tasty and very yummy. Its also pretty quick and easy and it only takes one dish. If it didn't require the oven to be at 450, thereby turning my kitchen to a temperature closely resembling Hades, baked meat and roasted veggies would be an absolute STAPLE around here. (Let's face it, it probably will be anyway).

alright, I think that's all I have to report tonight! One more day and then GLUTEN!

Until next time~

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