Thursday, January 26, 2012

well, it WAS Wednesday...

Today just got so busy! But I'm still awake, so it is still Wednesday, right? RIGHT!

I'll be brief: I didn't make it to my goal of four pounds. I'm concerned I'm not eating enough calories, and I'm looking into upping my intake- I think I might be at less than 1000/day right now. I need to be shooting for 1200, minimum.

I lost one pound this week. Which, while still a success, is a bit disappointing. Or was, until I tried a different measurement.

As most of you (probably) know, I work almost full time in a costume shop.  I've also acted for the department the shop is in, so I have, in the shop, a measurement sheet. It was taken 14 months ago.  Today, feeling down about my weight loss or lack thereof, I measured my waist. 35. Then, I got out my measurement sheet from 11/2010. Checked my waist measurement... annnnnnnnd: it was 38 3/4. That's right, nearly 4 inches off my waist in just over a year.

I felt pretty great about that!

Hope you're all having a healthy, happy, creative week!

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