Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Take THAT!

OH MY GOODNESS, you GUYS! (and girls and everyone else)

Today, I stepped on the scale, and GUESS WHAT?!

I am now officially at my thinnest adult weight.  I KNOW!

I lost SIXTEEN pounds in January. SIXTEEN! I'm just so EXCITED!!

So today, I went to Old Navy, my favorite place to try on jeans. And although I did not buy them, I am SO pleased to report that I have gone down a pants size. I have never EVER worn this next size down, and BAM they buttoned right up. So that was a real win also.

And to TOP it ALL off, yesterday, my voice teacher says to me "dang, girl, you're getting skinny!"

Yes. Yes I am.

PS: I am gonna learn how to queue posts tonight, so I'll have other things to post, soon. It just feels like when I have time to write isn't a good writing time, ya know? Fixing ASAP!

1 comment:

  1. I ma SOOO proud of you! And happy!!! You are amazing, you know that?? Such an inspiration!!!