Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Bathroom Makeover Part 1

Hey friends!

You know how I mentioned I was redecorating my bathroom? Well, I have started it! Just LOOK at what I made the other night:

Yep, I made THAT! It's for the shampoo I've started making. Wanna know how? Read on, loyal readers!

How to: Etch a Glass bottle

Materials & Tools
-glass bottle of your choice (or container, or whatever)
-Armour Etch Etching Cream. Available at craft stores. Cost: about $12 (but it is enough for LOTS of projects!)
-masking tape
-exacto knife
-permanent marker

Step One:
Make sure bottle is clean and dry. Take a strip of masking tape and stick it firmly to the surface you want etched. Using your nail, a butter knife edge or a credit card, make sure your tape is really and truly stuck.

Step Two:
Using your permanent marker, draw out your shape. I made an "S" because it is a Shampoo bottle.

See how mine is a liiiiiiiittle  sloppy? That's fine. Don't sweat it.

Step 4:

Using your exacto knife, carefully cut out your shape. Here's where it is very important to be neat- any sloppiness will show when you're done!

Step Five:
Open your Etch Cream carefully. BE CAREFUL! If you get it on your skin, the bottle says to CALL POISON CONTROL. PLEASEPLEASE PLEASE be careful, and use gloves if you're sloppy!  The cream is thick-ish. It won't drip if you're careful.  Now, using your paintbrush, layer that paint on there like crazy.  Don't be shy! Fill in the shape completely.

Step Six:
Let dry about 7-9 minutes. Just said it aside and wait. Remember not to touch! (This is a great time to make your shampoo if that's what you're doing!)

Step Seven:
Wash off under hot running water.  This gets rid of the etch cream AND the tape, so it is perfect!

Behold! Your magical etching powers! THINK OF WHAT YOU CAN DO! THE POWER! THE THRILL! THE...

right. Enough. Well, have fun anyway
till next time-

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