Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Craft tutorial: wine cork key chain

This is a great quick project that takes 30 minutes or less, and turns out beautiful!

Here's what you'll need:
-wine cork
-2-6 beads of your choice
-16 gauge aluminum wire (about 8 inches)
-key chain ring
-upholstery needle

Step One:
Take your wine cork, and carefully stab the upholstery needle through it. All the way. This is a kind of slow process. But patience will win the day. Once you get the needle all the way through, use the needle and widen the hole a little bit, as the needle is narrower than the wire.

Step Two:
Use the pliers to remove the needle from the cork. (Mine tended to get stuck there) Now, take your wire, which you've cut with your scissors, and string it equally through the cork. I have found, actually, that the imitation corks seem to work better for this, by the way.

Step Three:
Once the cork is strung, pick out the beads you want to use.  On one end, (the end that will NOT have the ring on it) once you have the beads on, use your pliers to bend the wire and then use the scissors to cut off the end.

Step Four:
String beads on the other end. Once the beads are on, wind the end around the key ring using the pliers. Snip off the end.

Step Five:
All done! Attach to keys and off you go!

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