Friday, September 9, 2011

using the right tools

The other night, I was sewing. I was sewing along, when the machine went "cuh-LUNK!"


So I take the fabric out of the machine, and the whole bottom piece is a disaster- the stitches  are at the wrong tension, there are a million extra threads.... oh boy. I cut the threads from the machine, and reloaded it and tried again: same nasty looking seam!!

Finally, I tried a new spool of thread, and it worked like a dream. The joy of higher quality materials!

We have to use the right tools. We have to make sure we take the compassion or kindness tools off the shelf and use them, and keep them in working order.

We have to know when the compassion tool will go the furthest, or when dedication is required. Likewise, we have to know when we need a day off, or to bury our faces and scream.

Use the right tools, and you'll save so much heartache!

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