Tuesday, September 20, 2011

balm for sore nerves

Sometimes, my hands shake. I don't know why, or what triggers it, or what causes them in the first place. But sometimes, my hands shake so badly that I have to stop what I am doing and wait for the tremors to pass. There are a few things that help- physical pressure, especially from another person, seems to be the best, followed by deep breaths and clenching and un-clenching my fists. Sometimes, albeit rarely, I simply let the tremors take over until they pass.

The other night, I was shaking so badly I had to sit through a green light and wait for them to pass. I was alone, in my car, and I couldn't hold the steering wheel tightly enough to turn. It was terrifying.

Eventually the tremors passed, and I drove myself home, climbed into my bed, and slept.

It occurred to me shortly thereafter, that my hands are a physical manifestation of what we all do to our bodies. We strain our nerves until they break. We push ourselves until we are frazzled enough that we just. Can't. TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Our poor nerves. Our poor minds. We have to find the balm for our poor shaking minds. What is it that comforts your frazzled brain like someone taking hold of my hand? Is it coffee with a friend? Is it a nap? Is it taking a walk, or reading a book? Find it. Find it before it is you shaking uncontrollably at three in the morning, waiting to drive through the green light so you can get yourself home.

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