Tuesday, December 6, 2011

seriously. Cookbook.

Why do I not cook for myself all the time??

Here's my latest culinary experiment:

Spinach Salad with warm ham:

1 clementine
package salad greens
serving ham steak, raw
3 medium white mushrooms
pancake syrup

wash mushrooms and greens. chop mushrooms into bite sized pieces. (I choose to halve them and then chunk them but whatever works)

Peel clementine. Arrange half of clementine on plate with mushrooms and greens. Leave 4-5 pieces, set aside.

cut ham steak into bite sized pieces.

add syrup to skillet and put over medium heat. Use enough syrup to safely cover bottom of a small skillet. Wait until it starts to really sizzle, then squeeze two or three sections of the clementine into the syrup. Put the rest of the pieces in the skillet.

Add ham and the last pieces of clementine.

Cook in skillet and make sure to flip over- a few minutes on each side. Done when starting to turn golden brown, don't let the meat get too dark!

Put on separate plate for a few minutes to cool.

Add Feta crumbles to plate

Place ham and clementine pieces over top.


I didn't use any dressing, but if I had wanted some, I would have gone for a nice balsamic or raspberry vinaigrette!

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  1. this sounds really yummy - lots of great flavors together!