Thursday, July 28, 2011

my body, the temple

The kind of temple that collapses while Brendan Fraser is still inside it, causing dramatic music, and many exciting moments.

Wait. That metaphor came out wrong. Hm.

Basically, there are times where, no matter what we do, our bodies choose to backstab us. Especially us ladies. Sorry guys, but yeah, this is gonna be one of those posts.

So girls, let's talk. What are some ways to keep the PMS from completely wiping you out- ways that don't involve gaining 5 pounds, spending money, or filling yourself up with loads of nasty chemicals?

Here's what I've found:
1. Drink more water. Water keeps you from cramping, keeps your muscles loose, and is, in general, great for you. Up your water intake, and that'll help.

2. Don't eat complex meals. There's a reason you crave simple carbs during "that time of the month". Your body is doing enough work, and if you're like me, your stomach is upset. So don't stress your system out by eating tons of complex carbs. Eat things that are easy to digest, but healthy- I know I don't need any more reason to feel bloated and gross!

3. Baby yourself. Let yourself feel a little nasty- but unless you absolutely can't go through your normal routine, go through it. The routine is good for you, and teaches your body to deal with inconvenience. But go to bed early, if you can, and don't do extra workouts this week.

4. Be prepared. This is a whole 'nother post someday soon, but I keep a bag in the backseat of my car, full of everything I might need if I don't come home for some reason. I have an extra toothbrush, an extra t-shirt, extra flipflops, a hairbrush... you get the idea. Even if I come home every night, I feel better about it, knowing I'm not gonna be in a crunch! I apply the same theory to woman troubles.

5. When all else fails, eat chocolate. Sometimes, that's the simplest fix of all.

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