Friday, July 22, 2011

the beginning of something new

I've wanted to open a blog for several months now, but as no one in their right mind, except possibly my mother (hi Mom!) would read a blog about my day to day life, I couldn't think what the solution was. Plus, my mother already gets the day to day update via phone. No need to type it out.

Then, the other day, I got home from a particularly disgusting day at work, feeling the pool water saturating my blonde hair, and grabbed my laptop in order to find a quick chlorine rinse. 

And then it hit me.

There are a million blogs about Moms out there trying to teach their kids to eat healthy, or trying to live Green or frugally. There are a million hippies out there who are dishing out recipes a dime a dozen of all sorts of great home remedies, or ways to make what you use. But I have yet to find a good blog written by someone trying to do those things as a single person.

I don't have a family to feed, and I don't have kids. But I do want to live as simply as I can.

The Live Simply Project is a term that Cornerstone Church in West Chester, Ohio, uses for an enormous outreach mission they do at Christmas time. On Christmas Eve, Cornerstone collects an offering, but every cent of that offering is given away. in a given year, they collect about $50,000, all of which is sent to Haiti, Guatemala, and a poor neighborhood in Cincinnati. The catchline of the Project is "Living more simply, so that others might simply live", and the idea is, in a word, simple: plan to give to the church the same amount that you spend on your family and friends for Christmas.

Well, it is time for me to learn to live more simply, and not just at Christmas.

From here, I start the slow, probably slightly tedious, sure to be difficult process of simplifying my life: my possessions, my money, my time, how I eat, sleep, play, work… in short, all that I am, simpler.

The goal of this blog is twofold: 1. To help other lost souls like myself, who are responsible for their own person only, learn to live as practically as possible: healthy, frugal, Green, and happy. 2. To learn about the new habits I am making as I go along, and to keep myself accountable to them.

So welcome, Reader, to Adventures in Simplicity. Let's set sail together, and see what new worlds await!


  1. Hey, I would read what you do everyday all the time! And I am so happy I can see what are you up to this way, when it is impossible for us to have that infamous chat date! love you sissy <3

  2. well, I hope oyu enjoy it! Love you too!