Tuesday, July 26, 2011

make that The Battle of being a Pack Rat...

Well, I made it through two bags of stuff yesterday morning. The first is full of books. It's one of those sturdy, reusable shopping bags- a big one. And it was full, nearly to the brim, with books. I didn't even look at it. Books are one of those things- I'm not ready to get rid of most of them. I love books. I'd rather have books than clothes. I've been known to put off the grocery so that I can buy a book or two.

The second bag, also a large reusable shopping bag, had my desk drawers in it. All three of them. And I did do some sorting here, and I have a couple of textbooks to list online, and a small pile of paper trash from old folders and spiral bounds.

Maybe I'll do better as I move IN to the apartment. Which is next week. The nice thing about moving in so early is that I'll have a month or so before I actually OCCUPY the apartment full time. Meaning I can really take my time unpacking, and not be in a hurry to unpack and start work and school. I've taken the week off work next week, Monday to move in, Tuesday to spend the day with EJ, my best friend and semi-husband, at King's Island. For the record, my brother works there, and gets free tickets, so I didn't even have to pay for it.  Wednesday, I plan on spending some time at school- I'll probably have to take some more boxes up there then. So, slowly but surely, I'll get moved in, and I'll sort stuff out.  And I WILL. I'm not fighting for room in my room any more- I can't handle it.

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