Wednesday, July 27, 2011

being a big kid isn't always simple

I'm 21 years old. A senior in college. Single. And trying to live, if not a minimalist life, a simple and healthy one.

Here's the catch.

Sometimes, being a big kid (read: adult) isn't simple. It's just not. And as hard as you try to make it simple, it just refuses to fit into the box you've put it in, no matter how organized. Or rather, all of it is simple, it is just a lot to take care of.

The key is to prioritize, I think. I'm not very good at it. Sleep is often misplaced at the top of my priority list. However, I think that's the key for me. Or perhaps, a better word is to habitualize.

-Pause: Charis-ism, habitualize. Verb. To form a habit. Unpause-

Sometimes I make up words. No big deal.

Anyway, habitualize. One of the things I'm trying to do  is do the same things at the same time every week, or every month. Even if I have to write it in on my calendar. This week, I'm scheduling a dentist appointment, and trying to find a new doctor.  I'm also trying to deal with the last bit of the paperwork on my new apartment, and getting ready to move.  None of this is simple. It won't fit neatly in my box. But it is part of being an adult, for better or worse.  And so, in the morning, I will make a list. Pay some bills, look at my bursar account, and make doctor's appointments. Is it idyllically simple? No. But being healthy and as close to debt free as possible IS. And so, phone calls, bills, and doctor's appointments. 


  1. dentist... *shivers* Did that go well?

  2. yes'm it did! Clean teeth, no fillings!

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