Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Summer

Hello again, from my corner of the world!

It is JUNE already! Can you believe it? I hardly can. Seems like Spring FLEW by, doesn't it? I know I've been really lax in updating here, and I will try to do better- ought to be able to, without school in my face. Anyway, I'll try.  For now, here's a quick update!

  • I finished school, including running on the Costume Crew for The Phantom of the Opera.
  • I graduate from College next weekend.
  • I now need a every other college graduate in America
  • I've been completely creatively burnt out, but I'm hoping that ends now, because I have so many ideas!
  • I'm officially down 25 pounds since I started my most recent fitness stint after Christmas. Two more pounds and I will have hit 50 pounds since my highest weight, which was in high school.
But today, I want to talk about a couple of goals for the month of June. I need to focus more on goals, especially now that I won't have the framework of school to hem me in and keep me moving. So, here we go, some goals!

#1. Play outside everyday, for a minimum of 15 minutes. This could be going for a walk, going to the pool, riding my bike, doing some yoga, or going to swing on a swing set.  But this is active play, so it doesn't include things like picnics, reading outside, sitting next to the pool, or taking naps while turning into a lobster.

#2. Create 3 beautiful things. It is time to flex my crafting muscles again. I have plenty of ideas, so it is time to use them again! Some ideas that I still haven't acted on: silverware wind chime, lots of stuff with wine bottles, cork boards, some kind of wine cork jewelry holder?

#3. Read 3 books. My goal for the Summer is to read the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin. That's the books the TV series Game of Thrones was based on. I'd also like to watch the series. But I have a whole list of things I want to read this summer. I'm a (very) quick reader, so this shouldn't be difficult. I'll post a full Summer reading list later this week, and we can discuss my choices!

#4. Continue to do the 30 day shred everyday. The 30 day shred is a dvd workout program by Jillian Michaels. I started it this weekend, and it REALLY worked me. I've been impressed with other's results, so I figure, why not! Want to try it with me? Leave me a comment and I'd be happy to tell you more about how it works.

#5. Start clearing out my clutter. My lease is up in just under 2 months. I'm planning on having a garage sale sometime around then to get RID of a lot of my stuff, but I'll need for it to go regardless. The time has come for some SERIOUS deep cleaning, and I mean to give it a run for it's money.

#6. Go to 3 new places. These could be stores, restaurants, parks, whatever. But three places I have never been to before.

#7. Try 5 new recipes. I love to make new things, but I often get in a rut with what I know how to cook! I'm hoping this will push me to try some new delicious and healthy recipes this month!

Ok, that seems like enough, right? Right! I'll try to do a new post as we hit each of these goals, then we'll do a wrap up and July goals post at the end of the month!

Alright, then, that's what you have to look forward to if you're vicariously living through my life by reading my blog! And now, I'm off to ride my bike on this glorious June Sunday. Have a beautiful day!

Until next time~

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