Monday, June 11, 2012

June goal check in!

hello, hello again!

It's been just over a week, but my memory is not so good, so here's an update on my June Goals!

#1- active play! I'm giving this a 95%. I've been to parks, I went to a street fair, I even went for a RUN. I've been on bike rides, and I played with my dog this afternoon.

#2 Creating 3 beautiful things! 0% right now. I haven't started this one yet... I better get on it, huh.

#3 Read 3 books! 40% so far. I just finished Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. It was very cute- a comedy about the apocalypse. Definitely a good read. AND I started Game of Thrones, which I am enjoying very much. AND my daddy bought me a kindle for my graduation, so I can read many many books! YAAAAAY!!

#4 30 Day Shred! 60% I'm doing ok... I'm TRYING to do it everyday, but sometimes I just can't get motivated to do it. So far I've at least managed it every other day, today, marks the second day in a row... lol.

#5 Clutter! 0% I haven't started this either... well, I did put one item of clothing in a good will bag. I NEED to get on this one.

#6 Go to Three New Places! 70% I've been to two new parks! The first one was GREAT. New favorite place! The second one, not so much, but it's ok, that's what going new places is for!

#7 5 new recipes! 40%. I've made two: a delicious fruit salsa, and avocado fries. I'll post the recipes soon!

Things have been silly amounts of busy. I graduated from college on Saturday morning, so this week was a LOT of that. It actually really stressed me out to have that to worry about. My next worry is finding a bill-paying job...anyone?

I start rehearsals for the play I'm stage managing next week, so we've been busy with that too. It's going well, but it is a LOT to do! Update on that once rehearsals start!

As for the never ending fitness trek, I am working on it still, of course. The scale has been very stubborn of late, but I think I am still seeing improvements in the mirror, and that's all I can really ask for, right? Right!

Finally, just for you all, a few pictures of graduation day!

Hope you all have beautiful days!

Until next time~

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