Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday(ish) check in

well, friends, week 8 (of my school quarter) is really kicking me hard. It's been a tough week in a lot of respects.

But the good news is I'm down 2 more pounds this week!! That's 19 pounds in... 8 weeks. I'm feeling pretty great about that.

I'm slipping a teensy bit on my diet, but you know what? That's ok too. Because I've made a lifestyle change, I'm not on a diet. And I'm never, ever, EVER gonna be the girl who never has desert. Cause I love ice cream. So, so what? I've had some sweets. I've gone "over" on calories a few times. (although it is prolly just about right, because I'm trying to up my calorie intake, which is really really hard....) I'm still making positive changes. So there.

On the calorie thing: I'm trying really hard to eat more calorie dense foods. It's wayyyy more difficult than I thought it would be, but I need to eat more, or I'm gonna go into starvation mode and I'll be stuck there, again.

So, if anyone has ideas of healthy, but calorie dense foods that do not contain tree nut products, let me know!

Until next time loves~


  1. Hmm, tree nut products? Why is that? In admiration of your best friend E.J.? :)

  2. lol... well, I love them, and I know I can't have them when we start living there's that.

  3. Have you tried greek yogurt frozen pops? You could probably even make them yourself, it's greek i'm not sure about treenuts...but they are delicious, and the ones I eat ONLY have 70 calories and they are filling!
    Skinny taste has a recipe for them if you're daring:
    If you want to buy, try these:

    Best of luck! Great job Charis! Anna Heiermann :)