Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like ( a very funky) Christmas!


I have just been a decorating fiend, you guys. The apartment is just looking SO FREAKING CUTE! There's a little tiny mini tree adorning one corner, and a wreath on the door, and lights and candles EVERYWHERE. There are ornaments hanging in front of the door, and this INCREDIBLY CUTE sign on the wall.

But it is not done yet, so you get no pictures. Sorry. When it's done, I will take too many and post them EVERYWHERE.

When it is done.

I still have a table runner and table cloth to do, and then the whole place needs to be cleaned within an inch of its life, and then maybe it'll be done. Oh, and I also need to finish my balcony... it is looking downright SAD.

Best part: I've decorated the entire place for less than $75. That's right.

Other than that project, I'm trying to get some of the Christmas crafting done... really, I am. And a few commissions. And I'm also renewing interest in making my own hygiene products- look for a recipe before the week is out!

And look for Christmas pictures very soon!! 

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