Friday, November 18, 2011

End of Fall Quarter Recap!

Hello all!

Goodness, what a quarter! I turned in my last final this afternoon, and now I am officially free to do as I wish until January. That's right, JANUARY! Oh, the plans I have made... Hopefully I will get back to regular updates here too.

The quarter went well, but it was long  and very grueling. I must admit that as much as I dragged my feet about getting an account, I love having pinterest to be inspired by. I have seen all sorts of great DIY things: laundry detergent, shampoo, hand soap, et cetera, et cetera. I'll DEFINITELY be trying those out in the days to come- they're sure to be frugal, and probably greener than store bought ones.

And then there's the OODLES of Christmas decorating, crafting and baking I intend to do. And i do mean OODLES. I tend to make a LOT of my presents- I think I'm up to four or five projects before Christmas, and then there's the baking that I want to give away to friends and employers and such, and then there's all the items i want to make in order to decorate the apartment. And THEN there's all the projects that have been growing in stacks because I have just been too gosh-darned busy to even look at them!

What's that? Oh, you want to KNOW what I'm planning?

uhhhhh... ok...

well, I won't tell oyu the present ideas, because they're good, and this is public and my mom (hi, Mom!) is (supposedly) one of my readers. Anyway, let's start with my ideas for decorating, shall we? ok!

Well, firstly, I created a theme (of course). As this is a frugal Christmas, I'm gonna try to use my own stuff as much as possible, or use cheap alternatives if I have to purchase. But the theme is *ahem*
A Very Peaceful Christmas
Great, right? Ok, well, I think so. And it is MY house, after all.I also have a color palette, and I'm really excited about this too. I've chosen to do the house in White, Silver, Turquoise, lime green, magenta and purple. Unfortunately, I bought some fabric that I'm really excited to use, and it has some red in it, but I'm gonna try to restrict it to the bathroom and a couple touches in the kitchen. But it is GREAT fabric, so I'm willing to sacrifice.  So that's the theme.

Ok, so first, I'm going to make a wreath in the shape of a peace sign. To do this, I'm going to use some plumber's tubing (great and CHEAP!) and cover it with... something. Possibly fabric, but I'm leaning towards yarn. Especially if I can get silver yarn. Or oooo! White with silver sparkles. Then, I'm going to add a few paper flowers in a crisp white. I might teach myself rosettes, or I might bunch up some coffee filters. I'm leaning toward coffee filters, because I love that look.  Then, I'm going to fold a couple paper cranes, and possibly a couple origami stars, and glue them in with the flowers. Super cute, and totally eclectic and modern. I can see it. If you can't yet, well, you will when I take pictures!

Then, once the wreath is done, I'm going to go get some washers. As in, the tiny things you put on nuts and bolts and stuff. (I might be able to steal some from Mom, too, actually... uh, hi Mom!) I'm also going to get some cheap letters, probably spelling "PEACE", and I'm going to spray paint (or other wise color) them all. I am not sure what color yet, but I'm leaning towards one of the colors. Maybe the blue. And then I'm going to glue the washers down to the letters, creating nice, shiny, cheap wall art. I saw a piece that used quarters, and the effect was AMAZING, but, well, that's a LOT of quarters.  So unless someone has a good cheap replacement, I'll be using the washers. I'm going to hang those in our living room, probably over the couch.

Next, we move on to the dining area. That's where I start stitching. I found a great tutorial for making your own appliques, and I think I'm in love. I found this AMAZING fabric, which is white based and has peace signs and birds in green and red, and I love love love it. So, the kitchen is getting new towels: little white hand towels with a peace sign, star, or bird cut from that fabric appliqued on.  SO CUTE. And, even better... I have a good feeling I can get cheap towels this weekend. Score! So the bathroom and kitchen are getting cute little towels, and the dining room is getting appliqued placemats. Maybe. The last time I made placemats I HATED them, so... I might give up. But I'd like to try. I'm thinking they'd be so cute in my four accent colors with  a little white applique on them... great, right? Again, a star, a bird, a peace sign, and a what? I don't know. I need to do four, so help me out, friends. I need a fourth shape. I'm trying to avoid out right christmas, which is weird, I know, but I'm feeling like it is SO OVER DONE. So, uh, help a girl out.

There's some more things I'm gonna add, like jars coated in Epsom salts, painted pine cones, some mini trees, and possibly some ribbon, candles, old wine bottles, and some painted sticks.

Not sure how that's adding up? Just trust.

Boy, I got vision and the rest of the world is wearing bi-focals.

Anyway, tutorials and pictures to come!

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